Friday, July 23, 2010

Laurelhurst Park Yoga Sunday

Portland Yoga Meet Up in Laurelhurst Park

This Sunday, 1pm I will be in Laurelhurst Park teaching a donation based vinyasa class! All levels welcome.

Focus is placed upon the energetic movement of the physical shapes in which we we find our bodies, and how that affects our breath, consciousness and everyday life.

This mixed level class is excellent for trying new postures and laughing. Beginners welcome! Grassy ground is a perfect place to challenge your balance, find your roots, and share a new experience.

Yoga mats optional, blankets/towels can be useful if damp.

**Location - usually near the duck pond! We'll try to find a shady spot if its hot.**
Please arrive a little early to find us

More info on the Meet Up website:

Yogis love bikes!

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  1. thanks For this beautiful blog. You described very well about the yoga. You said right that I to know that Yoga not only helps us to keep the body fit and healthy yoga course