Monday, July 19, 2010

Yoga with Alice

Tuesday and Thursday nights 7:30pm, I will be teaching Vinyasa at Yoga Bhoga!

I am so honored to join my beloved teachers in this space. 
A huge wall of windows let in amazing summer sunlight, and the studio is so serene.

Portland, Oregon 97214

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  1. Yoga course
    Through an uninterrupted meditation on the true oneself that is pure eternal conscience and is beyond the psychosomatic complex and beyond the world’s oppressions he could achieve freedom. In the full success of this stage, the subject should integrate in community, we think without oppositions, and with a very clear view of reality.
    In conclusion of this first part, I have to say that science of Yoga wants to teach a method that permits to achieve a complete union of oneself, that is the spiritual reality present in everyone of us, with the universal one, which constitution would be, in according to an hypothesis of ancient literature, reality, conscience, bliss (Satchidananda). This union would be the only Yoga. The point from where we start for this experience. A state of conscience in which mysticism intend to meet and know God. A way, maybe going backwards, through which the procreated, we can say, would come back to generator’s womb, melting himself in the same nature of it, surely loosing his individual identity.